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With Ukrainian children in a museum where there is no boredom

On Friday, September 9, 2022, we visited the National Museum of Agriculture in Prague with a group of twenty Ukrainian children.

The children had a lot of fun because the exhibitions are interactive and diverse. They were enthusiastic about discovering and trying everything. Even so thoroughly that we stayed in the museum much longer than planned and almost missed lunch...

We found something interesting in every hall.

We started exploring the museum from the roof. The children were surprised by the beautiful view of Prague. Most of them were on the roof of any building for the first time. They also enjoyed seeing the different types of crops growing around them. They were very enthusiastic and started dancing. One floor down, they were again intrigued by the artificial cow because they could try milking it. In the corner with the shop, they were fascinated by the cash register. They really enjoyed manipulating it, retrieving goods and printing receipts.

At least for the boys, tractors were the best. They imagined themselves riding on those massive machines through the countryside, the engine running at full speed exactly as they instructed...

Our kids were thrilled.

If you get a chance, be sure to visit the museum too.


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