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Football camp for children

Together with organisation Green Life, we organized a football camp for Ukrainian refugee children. Only boys were registered, but the nurses came to cheer them on. The girls, however, did not last long in the stands and soon they were running around the field and kicking the ball as well.

The children played sports and raced all afternoon.

Professional coaches divided the children into two teams according to age. The children tried different exercises, competed and finally played a match.

They ran with unbelievable intensity, fought with all their might for the last goal...

Green Life prepared gifts, snacks, water for the children. They even bought shoes for one boy because he didn't have the right shoes for sports and he really wanted to play football too.

The event was a success.

The children enjoyed the camp very much. The proof is the fact that after two hours of maximum sports performance, they still stayed on the field and continued playing soccer with the permission of the adults.

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