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We are preparing an educational project comprehensive education of Ukrainian children in the Czech Republic.


We respect the Ukrainian education system and prepare everything so that families with children can return home after the war and continue their education smoothly.


Abrupt switch between the languages and the education systems traumatizes children and prevents the absorption of knowledge. Therefore, the teaching will take place in the Ukrainian language.

Furthermore, it is crucial for us that the children, after their return from forced exile, find a functioning infrastructure in their homeland in which they will be taken care of, will be able to develop and live a fulfilling life.

Therefore, part of our activities is directed directly to Ukraine, where, in cooperation with local authorities and organizations, we want to participate in restoration of schools, hospitals, playgrounds and other facilities intended for children.


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Embassy of Ukraine in Czech Republic


Department of Education and Science of Lviv Regional State Administration


​People In Need, o.p.s.


Founders association
"For Children of Ukraine":


Oksana Breslavska

Chairwoman of the Children of Ukraine association

Tetyana Yashchuk

Member of the Board


Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have been trying to help Ukrainian refugees and especially their children.

In order to be able to join forces with other persons and organizations and help even more, we founded the organization "For Children of Ukraine", which is dedicated to the education of Ukrainian children in the Czech Republic.


In the current complex and difficult situation, many children fleeing the war do not have access to education according to the school system. Due to limited capacity in the Czech Republic, there are children who have been refused admission to Czech schools.

Our project aims to systematically solve this situation and enable children to continue attending school and their parents to work.

Teaching children is free, but school supplies, teachers' salaries, extracurricular activities, camps and similar costs are covered by the non-profit organization "For Children of Ukraine" as much as our finances allow.

In order to continue helping and providing our help to other children, we also need your support. We ask you,donate to "For Children of Ukraine" with a financial or other donation or with your cooperation. 

Let's not allow Russian aggression to destroy the Ukrainian nation not only with bombs, but also with the neglected education of the upcoming generations.

Simon Peter Atkinson

Member of the Board


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